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Post by Wally on Wed May 12, 2010 6:39 pm

Hi Everyone… I am the forest manager in the Ballyhouras and I would like to give ye an update on proposed changes to the trails and to how they might evolve.

As Peter (Nugget)said we had a number of meetings to look at ways of improving the trails in Ballyhouras, with the objective of improving the flow and to increase the fun/ challenge. I have also consulted with our own recreational team and we discussed how the trails might evolve over time. We had in the region 25,000 users to the Ballyhoura trail network in 2009 and the biggest percentage of these were to the brown and green loop. This user volume presents a lot of issues with regard to maintenance especially after extended periods of heavy rain and long periods of frost. Peter has addressed these above so no need to go over again except to say that we now have the opportunity to focus the attention on trail improvements starting with the brown loop.
The basis for our meetings was to try to address some of your opinions and suggestions outlined in the “Ballyhoura opinion wanted thread” . These meetings were very productive and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Peter and Tristan for their insight as to how things could be improved. Also I would like to thank everyone for their there individual views. Areas to be addressed are
1. Improve flow.
2. Remove unnecessary demarcation (rocks!)
3. Board walks.
4. Add new features. (Berms/ rock steps/ table tops etc.)
5. Signage with shortcuts back to the car park at various locations throughout the trail. (this is being worked on as well as an emergency plan map)
6. skills area
7. Try to use as much natural material as possible in maintenance work.

Our meetings were focused on correcting specific problems on the brown loop that needed attention and to incorporate new features in the process. These are beginner friendly , with other options available if they don’t wish to use them. These should also increace the fun for the more experienced.

Changes so Far.

(1.) Between marker post 6 and 7 (This is third section of single track from the centre), we have constructed two rock steps . One where the water was lodging towards the end of this section and another one slightly back from it, a chicken run was left by the side of them. A berm on the sharp bend just after the rock steps was constructed. A few corners were worked on to improve flow.
(2.) Between marker post 8 and 9 This section has received some major changes. A number of corners were completely rebuilt. The first corner where everone was skidding now has three berms constructed with the berm that sweeps around the corner being built as a complete bank!. The next bend after this needed major alterations. . The corner now flows down hill with a big berm on the outside, with water able to escape before and after the berm. ( A lot of material was moved for this!!). The outward corner was also changed slightly to improve the flow but the bank had naturally formed the berm here. As with the section above a few of the corners were also worked on to improve the flow.
There are trail closures in place at the moment to leave the works bed in. These will be opened this Saturday coming (15/05/2010). I would like to invite all club members to test drive the new changes. We will leave from the centre at 11 am on Saturday morning and Chris from the bike rentals will be providing tea/ coffee on return from the loop between 1.30 and 2. I would like to hear your views and if some modifications need to be made now is the time.
If the works are deemed to have worked well, changes can be made to the rest of the brown loop. Other loops can be looked at after this. All suggestions are welcome and where possible will be incorporated.


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