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Post by Admin on Mon May 31, 2010 8:45 pm

Hello all,
MBUL are hosting round 5 of the Irish XC NPS series on Sunday 6th June in Ballycuggaran woods just outside Killaloe. Alot of ye have probably ridden the course before but just in case ye haven't ridden it in the last few weeks, a whole load of work has gone into making the race loop more all-weather friendly (see below). Details of the race along with a helmet cam video summary of the course can be found here:
You can pre-register for the race here: Pre-registration is not mandatory but it will speed things up on the day. For insurance purposes you'll need a current CI license or else you can get a 1-day license on the day. For those of you who haven't raced before, the sports category is for everyone from beginners to experienced mountain bikers who just race for the fun of it. The more competitive/masochistic riders take part in the Experts/Elites etc. race later in the day after the sports and under-age races are over.
Refreshments and trophy presentation will be in the UL activity centre after the race (showers will be available also).
Of course I would encourage as many of ye as possible to come out and take part in the race. Although the forest will be closed for general use, spectators are more than welcome as long as children are minded and dogs are kept on leashes at all times. If you are spectating then please no flash photography under tree cover especially on the more technical sections :-).

If you're not interested in racing then we could always do with more marshalls so if you're available to lend a hand on the day then it would be very much appreciated. I've marshalled all but our first race (I've lost count how many we've hosted over the years) and I can definitely say that's it's not much work. We should be able to give you some food for the day. Just make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged (and has credit on it if needs be) so that you can ring our first-aid liaison if someone injures themselves. We'll have on-site first aid cover on the day. If someone does crash then all that's expected of you is to help them out of the ditch (or tree as I had to do previously) and help them back on their bike, if they're able. If someone injures themselves and needs medical attention, then all you have to do is phone the liaison and report your location (maps will be provided to all marshals). He/She will take it from there.

Trail modifications:
Bench cuts have been re-enforced to prevent collapse in case of severe weather conditions and wire mesh has been used to make the singletrack climbs climbable whatever the weather. Additionally, a wet-weather route has been constructed to the right of the short rock slab descent (not too long after the rock garden we constructed a few years ago), the grassy descent down to the fence 90% of the way around the single track (which was suicidal in the wet) has been replaced with a bench cut descent at a much shallower angle and modifications have been made to the fast section along the wire fence removing the off camber roots. Along with a load of other stuff we've strimmed the grassy sections and cut back the overgrowth. We'll be making some final modifications this weekend.
As much as possible we've been trying to modify the course so that the wet weather experience is greatly improved without taking away from the dry weather experience. Hopefully we've achieved that. Even if you're not racing, get out and ride the course some time, it's in brilliant condition at the moment.

Please come out and support us whether that be by competing, helping us with marshalling the race (please) or just turning up on the day and cheering the racers on.

Hope to see you there on the day,
Let me know if you have any questions,
Eamonn Walsh aka rubber ducky

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