MTB trails in Slieve Blooms

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MTB trails in Slieve Blooms

Post by Joemc on Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:45 pm

Hi All,

We have a family get together in July 2012, and we will be staying in Athlone. Both my bro in laws are also MTBer and we would like to do some spins. I have done a few races in the 90s at the Ridge (fridge) of Cappard, but apart from that, nothing! Any good tracks? any single tracks? Any route ideas? Is there a new trail center planned?




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Re: MTB trails in Slieve Blooms

Post by Regal F on Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:09 pm

Well Joe, firstly welcome to the Unlaoised Forum.
As regards any MTB Trails in Slieve Blooms there isn't any there yet and from my knowledge, there wont be for the foreseeable future.
Your option is to go around on the fire roads and keep an eye out for any single track that might seem interesting .
There was a trail up around the Ridge of Capard back in the mid90's, this was maintained by the Dublin clubs(Epic ,I think).They had to leave it, as it was awkward to maintain,travelling distance was too long.
If you are in Athlone you might consider some trails near Galway.I have no experience of them but maybe some one else could help you out,
Best of luck with it and if you want to know of some Laoise Trails that we use let me know
Regards cheers
Regal F

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