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How are you?

RTE are looking for people to who would like the opportunity to spend a year working around the world with volunteer and charity organisations for our new TV show ULTIMATE VOLUNTEERS.

I have attached a poster, it would be great if you could forward on my email to everyone in your adventure club. Ultimate Volunteers is open for everyone to apply. We are searching for people who really want to make a difference and change their own lives too.

Let me know if you need anymore info.

Thanks a mil,

Ultimate Volunteers


This show puts out a call for the ‘Ultimate Volunteers’. People who are ready to put their lives on hold for a year and travel to some of the most challenging places on earth. A new TV event with a heart. A show that celebrates all that is good about the human spirit.

80 people – the prize – The most remarkable year’ of their lives!

Two will be chosen to spend 12 months working at the frontline of Global development. The work being done by existing volunteers in the poorest parts of the world has captured the nation’s imagination. Applications for Aid work are at record levels and the Department of Foreign Affairs now lends its official support.

The Winners
Two new volunteers will spend a year traveling and working together in the most challenging places on the planet.

The Series
Each week the volunteers face a challenge representing essential work in the third world. Tests of leadership, commitment, compatability and adaptability. Experienced Aid and Charity professionals advise throughout the series along with ex-volunteers who tell real stories from their past experiences. They help us to find the ‘best of the best’. In bleak time where a cynical demon threatens the nation’s self esteem this series will attempt to remind us that our greatest asset and our greatest export has always been our people.

Although there will only be two winners the other candidates will now be better placed than ever to offer themselves to Aid Organisations and the viewing public will have seen an inspirational window into the world of the volunteers at the forfront of Environmental and Humanitarian Aid work.

The two winners will become the ‘Ultimate Volunteers’, ready, willing and able to embark on the most exciting and challenging year of their lives.

Kind regards,

the Ultimate Volunteers team
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